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Easy English Texts – Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives


If you’d like to inspire your students to practise English pronouns and possessive adjectives on their own, working in groups or pairs, you can let them tinker with this video and then during the lesson they can show how much they’ve practised :)

Easy English Lessons with the Verbs Have & Be

Easy Interactive English Texts

After practising reading this easy text and asking and answering questions, you can do the following exercise by filling in the gaps:

Timothy’s son says:
I _1_ not at home right now. I _2_ in a big room with a lot of other children. They _3_ very loud. I _4_ often sad when I __5__ to go to this place. I actually hate it. I _6_ sometimes afraid, but most of the time I _7_ bored there. On the bright side, every day _8_ meet some good friends there!

Practise Asking Questions in the Simple Present Tense

Asking Questions in Simple Present

Watch this video and read the questions and answers while watching. Add the missing verbs, either TO BE or TO DO in the Simple Present. If you are not sure if your answers are correct, click “read more” below, to watch the video with the pronunciation. Read more

Fill in the Missing Gaps – EFL ESL Easy Texts

Why not practise reading while watching this video ? I keep quiet, so that you can watch the video and read the text. If you are not sure what the correct pronunciation and answers are, check out on of the previous texts about Timothy :)

Easy English Texts – Practise Reading

Timothy _1_ from America. He __2__ in Boston. He _3_ a computer operator at IBM.  He __ thirty-four. He _4_ married and _5_ two sons. His wife’s name _6_ Beth and his sons’ names _7_ Jack and Luke.

Which words are missing ?

English Verbs To Be and Can


Practise pronunciation of the English verbs “to be”, “can”, “should” and “need to” while watching this fun new series of Horoscope English lessons with easy English texts :)

What’s your job like ?


Talking about jobs in English
- an easy dialogue with spelling mistakes -

Hi Sivlie! I’ve heard you’ve got a new job! What’s it like?

Hi there! Well, the salary is ok.

That’s great news. What about the boss ?

Well, the boss is very demanding!

Ok, I guess it’s ok. How about your colleagues ?

They are really marvellous! They are so kind and friendly!

I’m glad to hear that. Do you have a lot of responsibility ?

Yes, of course! And I like it! 

That’s good. It means you can be promoted, right?

Yes, you are right! What about your new job? Are you happy with it?

Oh, don’t ask me! I don’t have it any more :(

Really? What happened ?

Are you sure you want to know? 

Can you make a similar dialogue using the English phrases about your job ?

Holiday Phrases Easy Text


An easy dialogue in English with useful holiday phrases

- an easy English text with spelling mistakes to be detected -

I went to China for my holiday.

Oh, really ? I went to France for my holiday.

Oh, really ? How long did the trip to France take ?

Well, it took about five hours. We travelled by high speed train. What about you ?

Well, the flight to Beijing took 12 hours, but it was fine.

Read more

Past Tense of To Be


To be or not to be at the same place at the same time ?

I was at school yesterday.

I was at church yesterday.

I was at church two days ago.

I wasn’t at church two days ago, but my children were.

My children were at the seaside two months ago. Read more

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