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Easy Interactive English Texts

After practising reading this easy text and asking and answering questions, you can do the following exercise by filling in the gaps:

Timothy’s son says:
I _1_ not at home right now. I _2_ in a big room with a lot of other children. They _3_ very loud. I _4_ often sad when I __5__ to go to this place. I actually hate it. I _6_ sometimes afraid, but most of the time I _7_ bored there. On the bright side, every day _8_ meet some good friends there!

What’s your job like ?

Talking about jobs in English
– an easy dialogue with spelling mistakes -

Hi Sivlie! I’ve heard you’ve got a new job! What’s it like?

Hi there! Well, the salary is ok.

That’s great news. What about the boss ?

Well, the boss is very demanding!

Ok, I guess it’s ok. How about your colleagues ?

They are really marvellous! They are so kind and friendly!

I’m glad to hear that. Do you have a lot of responsibility ?

Yes, of course! And I like it! 

That’s good. It means you can be promoted, right?

Yes, you are right! What about your new job? Are you happy with it?

Oh, don’t ask me! I don’t have it any more :(

Really? What happened ?

Are you sure you want to know? 
Can you make a similar dialogue using the English phrases about your job ?


Holiday Phrases Easy Text

An easy dialogue in English with useful holiday phrases

- an easy English text with spelling mistakes to be detected -

I went to China for my holiday.

Oh, really ? I went to France for my holiday.

Oh, really ? How long did the trip to France take ?

Well, it took about five hours. We travelled by high speed train. What about you ?

Well, the flight to Beijing took 12 hours, but it was fine.

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